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Mailgrip is a web app that declutters your inbox and lets you read email newsletters at your own pace, in your favourite RSS reader.

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How it works...

  1. Create a Mailgrip inbox - each Mailgrip inbox gets its own email address and RSS feed. Any emails received by an inbox immediately show up on its feed.
  2. Subscribe to your RSS feed - use your RSS reader to subscribe to your inbox's RSS feed.
  3. Start using your Mailgrip email address - when you subscribe to email newsletters, use your inbox's email address.
  4. Done! Emails sent to your Mailgrip address will now show up in your RSS reader.


Summarization (new!) - Quickly catch up on your email newsletters using Daily Inbox Summary, and the Summary RSS feed. Learn more.

Multiple inboxes - Easily separate out different kinds of emails into different feeds by creating multiple inboxes.

Readable formatting - Emails get their formatting simplified so they look great on your reader.

BYO reader - Mailgrip uses the standard and open RSS feed format and lets you integrate with your favourite RSS reader.

(NetNewsWire, Reeder, and FeedBin pictured)

All memberships include a 1 month free trial

Forward emails to RSS.

$12 a year